“Q & A Session” – PDSG Presentation by Linda Buchan

Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting, Wednesday 17th July 2019

Q & A Session with Dr. Linda Buchan, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Axia-ASD.

This meeting was a chance to catch up with any recent developments in the field of Autism and ask any questions about anything Autism related to Linda.

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2 comments on ““Q & A Session” – PDSG Presentation by Linda Buchan
  1. Senor Moment says:

    These recorded PDSG sessions are undoubtedly useful/helpful for someone living abroad. I found Linda’s interest in Peter Vermuelen’s work on sensory issues particularly interesting. I live in a very noisy part of the World, and I frequently find that too much noise at once destroys my ability to focus my attention on one thing in particular. I agree that when noise is predictable (such as at a gig), it can be dealt with quite easily. But I also note that when I ran a PA system, I used to find it quite difficult to do on-the-fly audio repair when a band were actually playing; particularly a fairly loud band.

    I also note that Peter Vermuelen is one of the advocates of context blindness AKA caetextia. I encountered this idea while reading about various theapies. I am perhaps a bit skeptical about this idea, since it almost seems to me that it is just a slightly divergent explanation of what most of us still prefer to think of as autism. But it is interesting, nevertheless. I think I might now take a look at some of Peter’s work. I might even be able to post a review on this site.

    Also interested in Luke Beardon’s upcoming book on Autopia. As far as I can see, it hasn’t yet been published, so perhaps someone could review it here, when publication occurs.

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks for your comments
    Peter is an interesting speaker
    Luke’s presentation at the North Wales conference will be about his book
    We shall review it too

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