Suggestions for a name change of Consultation Room 1

Hi all,
Our clinic room, formerly known as the ‘Blue Room’, has now had its furniture replaced with fresh, fabulous, and fashionable fixtures, more fitted to the Feng Shui.
In light of this makeover, we’re looking for a new name for the room, and we thought it best to open discussion up to Axia’s clients to see what (ideally appropriate) names you can come up with!
Please put your suggestions in the comments below, or click ‘Like’ on the ones you think are best.
Be aware that we will be monitoring for inappropriate or offensive comments, so please be nice!
Renwick Bromiley
Associate to Head of Film Society

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5 comments on “Suggestions for a name change of Consultation Room 1
  1. Linda Buchan says:

    Welcome your ideas

  2. Senor says:

    I would suggest not to be in too much of a hurry for this. Folks are just a bit preoccupied right now; but sooner or later they will probably start looking for ideas, as a means to deal with their isolation.

    This is the sort of online activity I enjoy, and your photo is most helpful. Normally I would probably opt for something about the view, because that is the sort of daydreamer I am. But that isn’t much good, when inlook is more the desired case than outlook. I don’t know if this is the room I visited, but it has some similarities; even with a change of color scheme.

    I did just briefly think about just calling it ‘Feng Shui’, but it occurred to me that it needed to be more instinctive, and less in need of detractive explanations.

    It looks like this is the room you tend to occupy with say a ‘family’ group? I reckon that might influence the eventual name.

  3. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks for your helpful comments as always

  4. Senor says:

    Perhaps best to stick to some sort of color theme. But what color is it? It’s not really Peach. Looking online at color palettes, it seems a bit like either Ecru or Beige. Ecru isn’t exactly a color people know too well intuitively, and Beige has a bit of a beige reputation. 😉 I would be looking to see if you still have a paint(touch-up)can left behind, as paint names can be quite imaginative and evocative sometimes. Or someone else might evoke a more imaginative version of the discovered name; including the individual or ‘committee’ that made the choice. I keep looking for more evocative ideas, and then realising ing that my choice probably wouldn’t be that relaxing or reassuring to visitors.

    ‘Dawn’ is about the best I can think of at the moment, because it is a mild pastel shade that would normally indicate approaching fine weather and pleasant awakening. Oh well, it might motivate someone else to be a bit more poetic! 😉

  5. Linda Buchan says:

    I like your trail of thinking
    We shall add to the list

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