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Autism Together’s Comic Con 2023

Sunday 27th August, 2023, 10am – 3pm Come along and be part of Autism Together’s very first Comic Con! Our event will feature special guests, exhibitors, cosplay, and entertainment that will delight die-hard sci-fi fans and comic book enthusiasts alike.

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Warning: Ice around Red Hill House

We just wanted to let people know, that the pavements and residential roads around Red Hill House have a lot of ice on them at the moment, so we want people to be aware if they’re taking public transport, etc.

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“The History of Autism” – History Scope

I recently found a YouTube channel called History Scope, which had quite a thorough “History of Autism” video. The video revealed it had been created by an autistic person, giving it a personal insight, and the description contained the list

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Government publishes draft Mental Health Bill – NAS

The Government has published its draft bill to change mental health laws in England and Wales. This is a huge step forward in the campaign to stop the scandal of autistic people being wrongly detained and stuck in mental health

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Tonights YouTube Live Stream – Cancelled

We just wanted to let anyone who would have been joining us tonight on Calvins YouTube channel know, that unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances we won’t be able do our usual Stream.   We should be back on Friday at

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Bilingualism in autism – SAGE Journals

Bilingualism in autism: Language learning profiles and social experiences Lay abstract Bilingualism changes the way people relate to others. This is particularly interesting in the case of autism, where social interaction presents many challenges. A better understanding of the overlap

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Autscape 2020: Vision – Online Conference

Autscape 2020 is an online Autistic-led conference taking place between the 27-30th of July. Tickets are £20 and the talks touch on a variety of subjects. Allies are welcome to join in as well! Renwick Bromiley Associate to Head of

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Wednesday 20th May – Update

The claimed prime concern of the lockdown for coronavirus, is the preservation of people’s physical health through social distancing measures in order to keep rates of infection at a minimum. This reduced level of interaction, as well as the disruption

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Calvin & Ren play Jackbox in quarantine part 2

Following last nights successful streaming of Spyro (which had 30 views), we will be streaming again today due to our Wednesday afternoon “Open Rooms” still being suspended. Join us today at 1:30pm for our Jackbox stream (A social comedic game

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Skype Appointments – How To Guide

How to Skype Some of our assessments can be carried out via video call on Skype. Skype is a programme used to establish video and audio contact between individuals, and is similar to FaceTime. In order to use Skype, you

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Suggestions for a name change of Consultation Room 1

Hi all,   Our clinic room, formerly known as the ‘Blue Room’, has now had its furniture replaced with fresh, fabulous, and fashionable fixtures, more fitted to the Feng Shui.   In light of this makeover, we’re looking for a

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Axia to increase its streaming output on YouTube

Hi all, Given the uncertain circumstances that we currently are facing, Axia would like to increase its streaming output with the intention of providing some outreach and entertainment for anybody who would like to join in. In addition to our

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Luke Beardon’s Notes from: The Future is Gold 2019 Conference

The Future is Gold Dr Luke Beardon, Autopia (Autism Utopia) Where/when the world becomes weirdly normal (or where/when weird becomes the new normal) ‘My hypothesis is that there is a pervasive and invidious pattern of thought, behaviour, and belief that

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Notes from: The Future is Gold 2019 Conference

We took some notes from the conference that took place yesterday that we wanted to share. I should express that it is paraphrased and therefore has been put through the lens of my own interpretation, so it may not reflect

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Anime Amigos is on Facebook

  We’re the Anime Amigos, a group of amataeur anime reviewers, chatting certified nonsense. From left to right, we are Reece, Renwick, Calvin and Elliot. Anime Amigos is on Facebook. To connect with Anime Amigos, log in to Facebook. Share

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Our 1st “Open Room” in 2018

‘Hi all, We would like to announce our 1st “Axia Film Society Open Room” for 2018. This will be Wednesday 3rd January from 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. We’ll provide snacks and games, so if you would like to hang out

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The Dark, Netflix 2017 – Review

“THE DARK, NETFLIX 2017” The isolated German town of Winden is home to many mysteries, it would seem. Alleged disappearances and abductions seem to plague the community – understandable, given the vast sea of woodland that surrounds it; these things

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Axia Film Society “Open Room”

‘Hi all, We are going to start running an open room on Wednesdays, 12:30 – 15:30, for playing board games, card games, and just for anybody over the age of 18 that would like to come along and hang out.

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