Thesis – siblings of children with autism

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Recruitment for thesis required

Good afternoon
I was wondering/hoping you could help me. My name is Alex and I am a third year Trainee Educational Psychologist at the University of Southampton.
I’m struggling to recruit for my thesis, which aims to explore the school experiences of secondary school-aged siblings of children with autism (aged 11 to 16 years). I am seeking views through sibling, parent/carer and teacher completion of online questionnaires.
I would be extremely grateful if you could help me with recruitment by sharing my study advert with families and/or through social media (see below). Your support would be hugely appreciated!
Kind regards,
Alexandra Gregory
Trainee Educational Psychologist
Doctorate in Educational Psychology
University of Southampton

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2 comments on “Thesis – siblings of children with autism
  1. Natalie Parkins says:

    Hi I am the older sister of an autistic sister. I am not school aged. Nor is my sister but we are linked by family ties and obligation. My parents live abroad so I am solely responsible every holiday and have been for over 20 years. It’s a tough burden to bear when no one sees it as your burden or responsibility. In the absence of any other family, what is the alternative? We are alone and unrecognised. Not only have my parents, sister and I been affected but so has the next generation – my husband and my children who have never had a Christmas without autism. We stage two Christmases per year so that my sister feels she has the same as my children (impossible in reality) and we avoid parties if we want to avoid temper tantrums. No one talks about the effect on siblings / the next generation of carers.

  2. Senor Moment says:

    Well, I hope you all managed to have some fun, Natalie. I guess there won’t be many comments on AXIA for a day or two, as folks are of course having a bit of a break. Well, I think the staff of AXIA talk quite a lot about the effect on siblings and carers, because they always try to involve important others. And it is a subject that comes up a lot in the literature and on specialist sites. For example:
    Happy New Year!

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