Unemployment ‘being rebranded as a psychological disorder’

Birkbeck-University-LogoThis information was sent to us here at Axia-ASD, being seen as something which we might be interested in.

We thought it would be important to share this with people, as it appears that unemployment is being ‘rebranded’ as a ‘psychological disorder’.

Click HERE to read the full research article.

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3 comments on “Unemployment ‘being rebranded as a psychological disorder’
  1. Ronnie Hunt says:

    High quality jobs for everyone who wants a job recognizing the individuals needs,its not a psychological disorder,,of course it’s demorolising constantly being rejected time after time for a job and also if you find a job that’s not suitable then it’s only a sticking plasting temporary solution where you either remain stuck in the unsuitable job for years dreading going into work and maybe ending up out of work with nothing to show at the end of the unsuitable job,or you might end up in and out of unsuitable jobs with regular periods of unemployment or if you manage to find a job that’s not suitable,but hope that the unsuitable job is the dream job after all and so you resign from the unsuitable job you are in and end up losing the dream job which of course was never going to be the drem job but just another unsuitable job.So once again it’s not a psychological disorder but it is demorolising.

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks Ronnie
    It must be incredibly demoralising

  3. Ronnie. says:

    Your welcome for the comment,to think I had never heard of Aspersgers Syndrome over the whole of that era. Unfortunately that’s the way it is, I wish it wasn’t,but as long as people don’t understand or care,the situation won’t change. Sorry for the spelling mistakes plaster spelt wrong and an a missing from dream near the end. Best wishes Ronnie.

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