“What Works for Autistic Adults” by Luke Beardon – available 7th Dec. 2023

What Works for Autistic Adults
Paperback – 7 Dec. 2023

by Luke Beardon (Author)
Published by Sheldon Press

Pre-order Price Guarantee.

‘This book has the power to change lives’
Chris Packham

Imagine a world where an autistic person is included, engaged and cherished for how they are; a world which changes for autistic people, rather than changing the person.

What Works for Autistic Adults brings the conversation about inclusivity into the forefront and turns it on its head. Instead of modifying the autistic individual and making exceptions or special circumstances, Luke shows how the world can, should and must change to accommodate your needs or those of the autistic person you love, live or work with.

He identifies the aspects that impact on life most – partners, friends, work or college, and environment – and outlines the steps that can and should be taken by everyone involved to create an autism-friendly landscape and improve outcomes all round. Covering every setting, from social situations to office or other professional environments, and in all circumstances, Luke’s book shows how no-one should have to struggle to exist within the parameters of a world they don’t understand. What Works for Autistic Adults will give you the dialogue, tools and starting points to involve every loved one, family member or colleague as advocates for a world where you, or any other autistic adult, can truly flourish.

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2 comments on ““What Works for Autistic Adults” by Luke Beardon – available 7th Dec. 2023
  1. Helen Jones says:

    Oh WOW!!!
    I can not wait to read Luke’s latest book. The world needs to know this.
    Even well meaning people get it so wrong so often.

  2. Corina Chladek says:

    Looking forward to read that one. What I however find so frustrating is: You can explain yourself to somebody, next week that completely slipped their mind..

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