Axia Digital Story Project – A Swiss Story

My life condensed in under 7 min – Axia Digital Story Project

This is such a great Idea and I got inspired to work on my own.
This is a lot of fun putting it together.
Just finished mine.
With pictures from Childhood and such.
However, I struggled to condense it into under 7 min!!
Had to cut and edit a lot out of it.
Unfortunately not a computer wizard, so it is a bit choppy, sorry for that.
Hope you enjoy.
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5 comments on “Axia Digital Story Project – A Swiss Story
  1. Corina says:

    Dream, I already told you via email, but need to say it again, because it is just so WOOOOW – how you melted the pictures together, it is just awesome, it’s real artwork. LOVE it!!

    Thank you.

    • Dream says:

      You are too kind Corina 🙂 And thank YOU for sharing your own “digital story” with us, it’s brilliant!

      • Corina says:

        thank you for the opportunity and inspiration!
        that was so much fun!

      • Senor says:

        Most enjoyable and interesting Corina and Dream! I suppose it might be my own liking for the Welsh language, but I was particularly interested in your love of mandalas and celtic culture. and part of my lockdown Youtube itinerary has also involved viewing numerous videos of Switzerland. I have a friend living there, whose partner is an art therapist. I’d like to go again some time.

        • Corina says:

          Thank you very much.

          Oh what a co-incidence.
          Small world, it is.
          In what part of Switzerland does your friend live, if I may ask?
          Art therapist sounds great.
          Indeed it feels therapeutic expressing yerself through art.
          So you have been in Switzerland already?
          What I always recommend, is Zermatt. It’s a bit touristic but still has such a unique charm. Car Free Zone.

          Celtic Knots have fascinated me for a very long time.
          Just to look at those patterns, ahh.
          I would love to travel all over the UK and discover every nook and cranny.
          I am not sure, forgive my ignorance, but is the Welsh language similar to Gaelic?
          I am aware Gaelic is an early Celtic language spoken in Scotland and Ireland. Would LOVE the sound of it.

          I just made a video of a Gaelic Song playing for one hour, because it is so uplifting.

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