Axia’s November PDSG Presentation with Karen McGuinness

Thank you to Karen for her presentation on the West Cheshire Autism Hub, and the role that interoception plays in self-regulation and emotional overwhelm. given to our recent Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting.
If you are interested in the West Cheshire Autism Hub, you can contact them on this email:
Thank you to all those who attended, and for those who were unable to make it, you can watch the presentation below.
Guest IT Consultant

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One comment on “Axia’s November PDSG Presentation with Karen McGuinness
  1. Corina says:

    Autism Hub sounds like paradise to me, it sounded SO GOOD, with the Art and craft as well as mindfulness classes and even cooking!!

    Loved the interoception part thank you!!! –
    That is what I am doing with my Cranio therapist.
    She keeps asking me: how does that feel, how does that feel.. often it takes time to answer, then, 5 min later…
    And what does it do?
    It pulls you out of ruminatiing back into the present moment (which is a right hemisphere state)
    I loved that she mentioned “the flow” state – again a right hemisphere state.

    The flow state is a state of deep peace and brainchatter silence (left hemisphere) and you are just content (right hemisphere).
    It pulls you out of daily worries like
    emais and paying your bills (left hemisphere) and you dive deep dissociate in a positive way, Wonderful!!!!

    I have experienced flow on horseback surrounded by forest, drawing mandalas, reading, researching, making videos, listening to music or simply listening to the (inner) silence, watching the evening sky, when it is snowing, also while doing Taiji but not always.

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