Our Consultation Rooms & Reception

Our Reception area on the ground floor of the building by the main entrance has recently been refurbished.

We thought it might be helpful to provide photographs to reflect the newly decorated areas.

These four photos are of the downstairs area including the reception desk, then the chairs at the side, and also the option to sit in the quieter waiting room.

We also wanted to provide updated photographs of what people can expect when attending our clinic, the two consulting rooms where people will be seen for either specialist neurodevelopmental assessment, post-diagnostic support or therapy.

Consulting Room 1

Consulting Room 2

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2 comments on “Our Consultation Rooms & Reception
  1. Sammy maddison says:

    Dear Dr Buchan.
    Since being discharged from IAPTs
    IAPTs do not intend to look after long-term health conditions such Austism Spectrum diagnosis
    Leaving me with no base to touch.
    Could axia asd help. My doctors surgery is not pro active. I need support

    • Dream says:

      Hi Sammy,

      Axia are actually closed for Christmas now. We did post some suggestions for people perhaps suffering over Christmas which you can find here. If you could phone in the New Year when Axia ASD have reopened, I’m sure they will facilitate the process of referral to get you the support you need.

      All the best,

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