Friday 15th May – Update

I was delighted to receive my copy of ‘Your Autism – Summer 2020 Edition’ today – always full of lots of very useful information. I was also incredibly delighted to see a photograph in one of the interviews of Calvin at the NAS Professionals Awards (see photograph below).
Calvin is working tirelessly at the moment, trying to engage and keep everyone’s spirits up, posting both a “top ten” film list and another game review today. He will be live streaming with Ren tonight: ‘Final Fantasy IX’ and there will be a virtual meeting of the Anime Amigos on Saturday, which Calvin will then spend Sunday editing with the hope for it to be posted next week.
Again, at the risk of repeating myself again, three excellent clinicians in today carrying out assessments.
Dr. Linda Buchan
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
& Director of Axia ASD Ltd.

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5 comments on “Friday 15th May – Update
  1. Linda Buchan says:

    My niece commented
    Cal social distancing before it was cool!!

  2. Senor says:

    Hopefully some very long overdue ‘changes’ are underway. But there is also every indication that the current system won’t go peacefully.

    I have been cool for so long that it would be truly nice to experience a slight modicum of warmth, occasionally. Social distancing is a comparatively easy exercise for me, but I can also see that it might eventually end up being too easy.

  3. Martin Buchan says:

    I hate social distancing. I miss the pubs, restaurants, the Arsenal etc, but most importantly giving my family hugs!!

  4. senor says:

    Social distancing for me personally is a continuation of the old normal. I miss UK pubs and fish & chip shops. I do hugging, but wouldn’t win any prizes at it. Glad to hear you are not a Chelsea fan, Martin! 🙂

    • Martin Buchan says:

      No chance of being a Chelsea fan.

      Born and bred in Islington, solid Arsenal area.

      Luckily our local fish and chip shop is open.

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