We have regrettably decided to cancel today’s Post-Diagnostic Support group due to adverse weather conditions.

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  1. Helen Jones says:

    I can understand why you have done this but at the same time feel bereft.
    Your PDSG meetings are a life line to me and many others.
    I may sit in the meeting looking neat and tidy and together but it’s still a mask carried on from “the outside”.
    I got your cancellation email literally as I was leaving to catch my train to Crewe and am now wondering what to do and how to move beyond the disappointment.
    Another 6 weeks is a long wait.
    As always
    Kind regards

    • Dream says:

      I just wanted to say Helen, I understand some of what you feel.

      When I opened my curtains this morning and saw the snow, I panicked thinking how scary the drive would be, but I would overcome the fear because these meetings are so beneficial on so many levels for so many people (but most importantly because I find them so!).

      Of course I had no idea of the weather on the motorways or around Chester, so was gutted to hear the meeting had to be cancelled, and felt a similar confusion as you describe because my day had totally changed.

      I know some non-autistic people may think “big deal, weather caused cancellation, get over it”, but it’s not like that for me, and I think perhaps many others. When I have “scheduled” a day out and the universe forces me to change, I find it difficult to cope with, even if it means my not having to leave the house as planned. It’s very strange and hard to describe the exact anxiety.

      • Helen Jones says:

        Hello Dream,
        I really do appreciate you putting into (very eloquent) words, how today’s cancellation affected you and I can relate to all you say.
        As you will be all too aware, Aspergers/ ASD is monumentally challenging and I am incredibly grateful to have the lifeline in Team Axia.
        As soon as one meeting finishes I’m looking forward to the next.
        Now I’m looking forward to March 13th.
        I hope you’re keeping as well as possible?
        Take care of you Dream, and many thanks again.
        Kindest Regards

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    I am so sorry Helen
    We have never cancelled a group before
    I can’t even get out of my front door safely
    Please keep connected via our website
    We are here and do care and this extends to everyone who has connections to Axia

  3. Matthew Moore says:

    Disappointed but understand reason for cancelling.

  4. Linda Buchan says:

    We are very disappointed too
    Thank you for your understanding Matthew
    I was going to bring the first copy of Calvin’s book and ask what people would be willing to pay and did anyone want to go on the pre order list
    Thanks for your understanding

  5. Andrew Jennings says:

    Understand the cancellation.

    Wondering if the subject will be lost? Or put back to the back of the queue.

    I.e. Will the rest of the planned programme remain at set dates, or will planned subject matter be moved back a session?

    Assuming the next session will be in 6 weeks of so, and not delayed by say a week?

  6. Linda Buchan says:

    Thank you to everyone who has contacted us today regarding the group.
    I am pleased that it is important to you, I always hoped it would be.
    The rest of the meetings are going to be very interesting and I look forward to attending.

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