Today’s PDSG Presentation

Following the necessary but unfortunate cancellation of our PDSG today, we wished to reassure people who were looking forward to the presentation planned, Atypically Autistic – ‘You don’t look autistic to me’, that it will still be given on a future date.

The current Winter Programme will run as planned. The session planned for today on Atypical Autism will be the first session in the new season starting 24th April. Next group will be on topic of Exercise on 13th March.

All other dates remain as planned.

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5 comments on “Today’s PDSG Presentation
  1. Josie Thomas says:

    Hello Axia Team,
    Thank you for all the comments on cancelling the PDSG today. I couldn’t come today, yet again, so it didn’t change my day. I’m glad to hear that this topic will be addressed on April 24th. Hope I can make that one, because its particularly relevant!

    I’ll make a note of the next one in March. I totally understand why you cancelled.
    Josie Thomas

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks Josie
    See you soon we hope

  3. Ronnie Hunt says:

    Hope to be there on 13th March. I deliberately didn’t attend the December meeting, because of the situation with my Talk which to be Honest I now regret giving.I had been unsure whether to attend the 30th January meeting, but the adverse Weather Cancelation which was the sensible and right thing to do in my opinion meant I didn’t fortunately have to make that decision either way. However all being well by ‘No Popular Demand Whatsoever’ I will come to the next meeting on 13th March. The subject i see is about Exercise so i will bring my Nieces 6 Dogs to the Meeting and i will ask for 5 Volunteers to help me walk the Dogs when the Meeting is Over.ONLY JOKING!
    Best wishes

  4. Linda Buchan says:

    Glad you are coming Ronnie
    Liked the joke about the dogs

    • Ronnie Hunt says:

      Thanks Linda. Glad you liked the Joke about the Dogs. I ‘m just picturing in my mind my Nieces 6 Dogs in the Meeting, it would be Chao!

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