PDSG: Winter Programme 2018-2019

Axia-ASD Post Diagnostic Support Group – Programme Winter 2018-2019

Crewe Lifestyle Centre – ask at Reception and you will told where the group is held
All meetings are from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. Refreshments are provided.

The group talks are presented by Sarah Hendrickx, an autistic adult, author and diagnostician at Axia-ASD unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Personal Story from a Group Member
Ronnie will share his experiences and thoughts about life with the group. This will be followed by a led group discussion on any points raised by Ronnie’s words.

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Sugar, Sleep, Stress and the Spectrum.
Guest Speaker, Flo Neville, Autistic Nutritional Coach
Stress hormone imbalance can affect short term memory, mood regulation, planning and organising; regulating our behaviour and making good judgements. Meanwhile, a lack of quality sleep is a common challenge both for those who are autistic and those who live with them. This talk includes an overview of the physiology of stress hormones and provides an achievable set of routine and dietary strategies which can make all the difference between being wide awake during the night and sleeping soundly; and which also significantly reduce anxiety levels during the day.

In addition, the gentleman from SEAT who attended our PDSG will be returning with a car for people to view.

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Atypically Autistic – ‘You don’t look autistic to me’.
The stereotypical view of autistic people is that we are all like Rainman or Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory; somewhat oblivious to what people think about us and all nerdy loners. More recently there has been an understanding that autism can present itself in other ways which leads to a very different type of autistic personality type than was traditionally thought. This has been termed the ‘female presentation of autism’ and does appear to affect many autistic women, but other autistic people also relate to this autistic profile. In this talk, we will look at how women and others who do not fit the traditional autistic profile have been missed, mis-diagnosed and misunderstood.

After the break we will split the group into those that want smart phone assistance and those that want to talk about the presentation.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Exercise and Autism – ‘When I run, it is the only time that my brain and my body are at the same speed’.
For some autistic people exercise is key to their well-being and can ever be a deep interest. For others, the idea of sweating, moving, being outdoors is highly uncomfortable. Some new research suggests that exercise may be beneficial in helping autistic people to overcome some of the negative impacts of autism, such as anxiety and depression. In this talk, we will look at the research and some personal examples and think about how we can find an exercise that suits us all.

Also: There will be an opportunity to learn how to juggle and there will also be technologically knowledgeable people on hand to help with any phone related IT matters (this was a request for help from a previous group).

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5 comments on “PDSG: Winter Programme 2018-2019
  1. Helen says:

    This winter programme looks excellent. Very interesting and highly relevant subjects.
    In fact, possibly life changing.
    I’m looking forward to the meetings very much.
    Many thanks.

  2. Linda says:

    I agree Helen
    I am really looking forward to this winter programme

  3. Ronnie Hunt says:

    Just intending an informal hopefully Enjoyable Talk. Not a Group discussion about my Talk Please.Questions are welcome during my Talk if relevant, but please no Questions for the Sake of Questions.
    After my last Talk in about August 2015 afterwards someone Criticised my complaining about been Woken up by the Sound of running Taps in the early hours which I found Rude,Sarcastic, Offensive and Nasty as well as Disrespectfu.People with Autism especially should Understand that Noise affects some People such as myself with Autism Badly.
    I see there are only a few published dates to the end of March2019 I think. I hope this means that better Times are been planed such as 2pm to 4pm rather than 12pm to 2pm which I did mention in August and that a minimum of 9 Meetings are planned, 12 would be Prefable Please once a month as I have mentioned in the Past. I have mentioned about my Concerns about the Present Venue before and I am not going to repeat them here, but a Concern I have not mentioned about before is about the Toilet situation with my Cancer I can’t reminder if their is an upstairs sit down Toilet for Males or Not.

    • Dream says:

      I know exactly what you mean about “sound sensitivity” Ronnie, I can get woken up at 4am when my neighbour switches their TV on.

      As far as the times for next year go, I believe the full year has been booked and times set the same as currently.

      Yes, there is a single “sit down” toilet for men upstairs to the left of the stairs when ascending.

  4. Ronnie Hunt says:

    Hi Dream,
    Thank you very much for Your reply, understanding and information, much appreciated.
    Best wishes

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