Notice – April PDSG Cancelled

Given that only 5 people are being allowed at many weddings, and that includes the person marrying the couple and two witnesses, we thought Axia should offer an alternative to 50 of us gathering at The Lifestyle centre in Crewe, which as of yesterday stated:
“Everybody Sport and Recreation together with Cheshire East Council, made the decision to close all of our leisure facilities as of close of business on the evening of Friday 20th March 2020”. (read more here)
Sarah had intended to continue her presentation from 2019 on “Social and Personal Relationships”, however has suggested an alternative so that people aren’t completely missing out, to record the presentation at home which Dream will then post on the 8th April when the Post-Diagnostic Support Group would have taken place.

Calvin and I would like to reassure you all we are here for you.
Diagnoses are going ahead as an essential service and we are supporting our NHS colleagues wherever we can. Our admin team are holding it all together for us and our wonderful cleaners are working so hard.

The clinicians are offering more appointments too. It is a privilege for us to be surrounded by such commitment and compassion.

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Linda and Calvin
Directors of Axia ASD Ltd.

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7 comments on “Notice – April PDSG Cancelled
  1. Helen Jones says:

    I had feared this would happen and think you have come up with a good plan. I shall look forward to Sarah’s presentation on the 8th.
    I have found all the posts from Axia very heartwarming and it reaffirms what a truly unique and special company it is. Special thanks to Linda, Calvin, Sarah,Dream and all the Team. Stay safe everyone X

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    We are here and business usual
    Much love to everyone

  3. Linda Buchan says:

    Forgot the word as which I am sure many of you have noticed

  4. Ronnie Hunt says:

    Thank you for letting us know. I have gone into Self Isolation for at least 12 weeks as I’m sure some other People may also have done who attend the ” Post-Diagnostic Support Group.” Hope You all remain safe. Take Care.
    Best wishes
    Ronnie x

  5. Linda Buchan says:

    Take care everyone

  6. Senor says:

    Self-isolation. I daresay many of us here already know quite a lot about; how to cope with it etc. I’ve been doing it most of my life, to varying degrees; and I don’t actually consider myself that socially distant. But I have been finding the last month a bit wearing, nonetheless. I call it cabin fever. My way of dealing with it is to improve my practical skills from doing loads of small repair projects around the house. How are you dealing with it, Ronnie? Keeping yourself cheerful,most probably. 🙂 I miss going out for walks and bike rides the most, but I reckon that I can venture out to do that a bit more in future, by just keeping my distance.

    • Ronnie Hunt says:

      Hi Senor,
      Thank you for asking, much appreciated.
      To be honest I’m finding it easy dealing with the Self Isolation with regard to keeping myself occupied, Reading, DVD’s, Television and Radio and sometimes playing Music etc.
      It’s Heartbreaking not been able to Walk and Look after my Nieces 6 Dogs for at least 12 Weeks especially as they won’t understand why I’m not turning up.
      Take Care
      Best wishes

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