Self diagnosis ‘trivialises severe mental disorders’ – MHT

Self diagnosis ‘trivialises severe mental disorders’

New mental health lessons are being designed to teach secondary school pupils about the “prevalence and character of common conditions”. With details due to be published over the next few days, the Royal College of Psychiatrists highlights the dangers it sees in self-diagnosis.


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From Barney and the Mental Health Today team.

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4 comments on “Self diagnosis ‘trivialises severe mental disorders’ – MHT
  1. lee says:

    What’s your opinion on self diagnosis, Linda?

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks for the question Lee
    In some ways an easy one to answer but in other ways complex
    Some people are happy to self identify
    What I mean by that is people who say for example I am Autistic based on what they have heard,read,seen and relating it to their own
    Others want to have a confirmation from someone like myself
    I have a personal issue with phrases like
    I’m a bit OCD
    I’m a bit depressed
    When people are talking about routines or checking lots of people do or just feeling a little miserable
    Both of those conditions are debilitating and horrendous to live with for both the individuals and families and friends
    Does that go some way to answer your question?

  3. lee says:

    Yes thanks. It’s always interesting to hear your own personal opinion on things.

  4. Linda Buchan says:

    Thank you Lee

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