Stereotyping of Autism – Research

As some of you know I left Axia to go to university do a Nursing Degree.
The first essay we have been given is on stereotypes. I have chosen Autism as my topic and was wondering if any of you would be happy to share your experiences if you have been stereotyped. This can be in school, day to day life but I am particularly interested if you have been stereotyped by a healthcare worker, such as; GP, nurse, in the hospital, or any other healthcare setting.
My email address is, I will not include your name or any personal details in my essay.
Thank you, and I hope to hear from a few of you soon.
Amy-Louise Buchan
Nurse in Training

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3 comments on “Stereotyping of Autism – Research
  1. Linda Buchan says:

    I am very proud of my niece Amy
    I am sure someone of you will resonate with this

  2. Senor says:

    I very much like this trend towards cooperative research, but …..

    I reckon some will now be thinking that they have for many years been stereotyped as almost anything but autistic; perhaps even just been stereotyped as just plain awkward. One wonders whether that experience would be relevant; especially when there were rarely any healthcare workers involved.

  3. Sue Power says:

    Thank for responding.

    I think Amy would find any experience of stereotyping useful.

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