Thursday 7th May – Update

Hello everyone!
Another successful day today. Again, three diagnosticians working really hard for us. Also, working hard in a different capacity are Maja and Renwick. You may remember that Renwick is training to be a Mental Health Nurse and is currently working for us in the Admin Office, in addition to his role as one quarter of the Amine Amigos. He is also continuing his studies and today had two lectures in relation to his final year and we look forward to him returning to be trained as one of our diagnosticians at the completion of his studies.
We also wish Maja every success: we are delighted that she has been offered a place at Sheffield University to study Journalism, which has long been a passion of hers. Again, she had a webinar with the University of Sheffield, welcoming new students.
Further congratulations are in order for a much missed member of the Axia team. Some of you may remember my niece, Amy-Louise, who worked with us until leaving on maternity. After becoming a mother, she also enrolled on an Access course as the first stage of becoming a Paediatric Nurse. Today she has been awarded a Distinction! We are all very proud of her and are so happy that her hard work has paid off. We look forward to her beginning her Nursing training at University.
In the office today, I had a discussion about what to include in the bulletin to see if anyone had any good ideas and we started speaking about Neurodiversity and Social Distancing. Ren had made some interesting observations about Calvin’s Social Distancing because at the moment Calvin is walking into work. Renwick is cycling in and they often pass each other on the way. Clearly Social Distancing is something that us Dyspraxics are struggling with as we cannot estimate distance very well and often, at the best of times, walk into people. Therefore, we are being extra vigilant in maintaining appropriate distancing, which often means that we have to stand still.
I am suspecting however, that Autistic individuals are doing really well at following the rules, observing the two metre distancing. Any thoughts on how your Neurodiversity is impacting on social distancing would be gratefully received in the comments section.
This is obviously tongue in cheek (joking about the issue) however, we are taking Social Distancing extremely seriously and helping one another maintain that at all times.
Dr. Linda Buchan
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
& Director of Axia ASD Ltd.

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