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Professor Tony Attwood – Uploaded by ABC News (Australia)

Following Helen sharing an extremely interesting video of Tony Atwood on Vimeo, I found a YouTube documentary on Professor Attwood. Despite the extremely misleading title, “Is Asperger’s syndrome the next stage of human evolution? – Australian Story”, I found this

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Dr. Buchan’s Book Now Available!

Here at Axia ASD we are proud to announce the launch of Linda’s new book “How Did That Happen: Memoirs of a Dyspraxic Diagnostician”   by Dr. Linda Buchan which is published today! This is the second book which Axia

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Advantages Taken due to ASD Tendencies?

If You Don’t Like Change, “They” May “Charge” You!   Forgive me if this is not “News” to anyone, however it became apparent to me that due to my “Condition” or “Disability”, I have further potential “vulnerabilities” I was not

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4 Tables MTG

We would like to announce here at Axia-ASD, that Renwick (Associate to Head of Film Society) has launched a new YouTube channel called 4 Tables. In his first video, Renwick introduces the channel and shares more of “what is to

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Axia’s August PDSG – Presentation Slides from Sarah Hendrickx

“Making it work: Love, Sex and Relationships” Following Sarah Hendrickx superb talk at Axia’s 23rd Post-Diagnostic Support Group, a number of attendees expressed an interest in being able to refer back to the slides which Sarah showed during her presentation.

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Announcing the imminent publication of Dr Buchan’s book!

“How Did That Happen: Memoirs of a Dyspraxic Diagnostician”   by Dr. Linda Buchan Here at Axia we are all excited to share the news that Linda has now completed her book “How Did That Happen: Memoirs of a Dyspraxic

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Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults – Dream’s Perspective

Dream’s Thoughts on   “Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults” by Dr. Luke Beardon Published by Sheldon Press When Linda asked me if I could share my perspective, I happily agreed to review Luke’s latest book. Full disclosure: When I

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Horizon – 2017: ADHD and Me with Rory Bremner

Last night I watched BBC’s Horizon, which this week was a documentary about Rory Bremner and ADHD. I was particularly interested as it was a Radio 4 documentary I heard him do that  had roughly the same title which led

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Sign up for “New Post” Notifications from Axia ASD

Do you find yourself reading one of our articles and thinking ” I wish I’d seen this earlier ” ??? Would you like to know when we post a new article on our website? Well with thanks to Helen’s suggestion

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Extraditing the Autistic for Alleged “Crimes” to the U.S.

In the last few days the BBC reported that “Home Secretary Amber Rudd has signed an order for the extradition of a man with autism to the US, where he is accused of computer hacking offences.” Now, I am autistic,

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Announcing the “Axia-ASD Autism Alert Card”

Launch of the new Axia-ASD Autism Alert Card After many months of discussing, drafting, and seeking feedback, Axia are pleased to announce the arrival of our bespoke Autism Alert Cards! Our cards have been designed specifically for all those who

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Happy 2nd Birthday!

I just wanted to wish Calvin and the Axia Film Society congratulations on the second anniversary of it’s launch, and Calvin’s first review, “SIN CITY 2: A Dame to Kill For”. The time seems to have flown so quickly, two

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Luke and Dream in “The Conversation”

Luke & Dream in “The Conversation” Where to start this part of my story… I find my Self to be a curious creature at the best of times, and there are (in my experience) events, occurrences and happenings which increase

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Luke and Dream: Meeting of Minds

Recently Dr. Luke Beardon invited me to attend BBC Radio Sheffield to record a conversation for “The Listening Project”. Out of the wonderful hour and 35 minute chat, it appears they have whittled it down to just over 3 minutes

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Welcome Carly…

I just wanted to reiterate Linda’s warm wishes from All, welcoming Carly on her first day at “Redhill House”! I may be there in spirit if not body! *chuckle* Dream – Guest ‘IT’ Consultant Share This Post:

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Axia’s “Autism Alert Card” – Provisional Draft

During our Axia “Post-Diagnostic Support Group” meeting yesterday in Crewe, I spoke of how Axia’s bespoke “Autism Alert Card” was evolving. I referred to the original post I’d written titled Managing Anxiety – the “Autism Alert Card” and the suggestion

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Exploding The Myths and Presenting a Positive Perspective of Autism – Dr Luke Beardon

Despite there being few recordings of Dr. Beardon’s presentation “Exploding The Myths and Presenting a Positive Perspective of Autism” available to the public, I was extremely pleased to discover this version and thought it was very much worthy of sharing.

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New Venue for May Meeting in Crewe

New Venue Details for Next “Post-Diagnostic Support Group” Meeting in Crewe Wednesday 4th May 2016 from 11:00am to 1:00pm Following the last meeting, some of us visited the new “Crewe Lifestyle Centre” to familiarise ourselves with where we would be

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