PDSG on 10th March 2021

Hello everyone 😊,

As you may be aware, our next Post Diagnostic Support Group Session is being held on the 10th March at 12:00 p.m., which is less than 2 weeks away!

The session will run as a Question-and-Answer session with our Guest Speaker, Luke Beardon. We recommend that you take a look at Luke’s previous presentations to gain an understanding of Luke’s areas of interest.

  • A presentation given to the University of Chester linked here,
  • a slideshow of a private presentation on Autopia linked here,
  • and a conversation with Dream recorded for the BBC linked here.

If you have any questions for Luke, you will get the opportunity to ask them during the session, alternatively, please forward them to social@axia-asd.co.uk and I can pass these onto Luke prior to the group meeting.

If you are interested in attending the session, please send an email to social@axia-asd.co.uk which includes your name (or the name of the person that was assessed by us) and date of birth. We will then contact you with a guide to the session and a link to attend. We look forward to seeing you, and would suggest you BYOC – Bring Your Own Cake !’

Kieran Hughes
Education and Events Administrator

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3 comments on “PDSG on 10th March 2021
  1. Vanessa Passmore says:

    Is it possible to see this presentation later as I’m always at work on Wednesdays?

  2. Corina says:

    Just watching this Presentation.

    Quote: “You have to be a problem, before you are allowed to be autistic”
    Spectrum = Diversity.
    I agree, you can’t suddenly become more autistic in the evening than in the evening – it is about the your bucket becoming full.
    When you have been exposed to too many stressors, you will be in fight/flight or freeze…and LITERALLY see things through that state and then of course react to it in a different way..
    Now during lockdown, my nervous system has calmed down so much, I am so much happier and calmer, because, I am way less exposed to potential sensory triggers. And this is the TRUE me.

    And actually, I am social, just in a different way, ONLINE, having zoom meetings or live youtube streams – where we interact in a autistic way of socializing where you can engage or not IN WRITING too, not ever leaving the house, that’s wonderful.
    And meanwhile, you have time to read kindle books or listen to lots and lots of audio books.

    Or the SPOON theory explains this too.

    In my opinion it’s a pity that DSM V took ASPERGERS out!! Henny Kupferstein made a video, where she took apart the DSM V

    Thank you for sharing it here. Excellent presentation!!! WOW.

    Sunday I was in a Zoom Meeting with Henny Kupferstein from DOOGRI institute, and one member of the meeting, who is also a well known Autism Activist in the USA (Sorry forgot her name! Bad with names!! ) she said, where she works, she is really treated well and respected with her autistic needs.

    However, when she comes to some conferences, she is treated as behaviourally challenged, which is the complete opposite of how she is treated at work.

    She said it was so puzzling to her, since she was the SAME person at both places, but treated in such different ways. Such discrepancy!!

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