Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – March 2018

Meeting-minutes-pictureMinutes of the Twenty Eighth
Post-Diagnostic Support Group
14th March 2018

The meeting was attended by 49 people and once again a lovely “Therapy Dog”.

Linda introduced herself and the members of the Axia team who were present.

Linda apologised for the delay in the drinks arriving late today. We have addressed this problem with the café and we are going to correspond with them directly in the future to they are fully aware of when we will next be attending and consequently be prepared for our group so the drinks do not arrive late in the future.

Outstanding Health Service Award

Linda was very proud to announce that we won this award at the NAS Conference on Wednesday 7 March 2018. She said it was an overwhelming experience. We brought along the award and certificate for everyone to see. This was a very proud moment for everyone at Axia and Linda thanked people for nominating her.

Anime Amigos

Linda congratulated the Anime Amigos on their one year anniversary. She also spoke about how Calvin challenged an American speaker at the conference who linked Anime with pornography. Calvin told him how he was writing a book about Anime and asked her if she wanted to pre-order a copy. The head of the NAS pre-ordered a copy.

Linda then went on to inform the group about the outcry that is on Facebook and Twitter about a speaker at the NAS Conference whom she challenged. He conducted a presentation on the second day of the Conference, challenging how Autism is viewed. Sadly, his language was very different to hers. He doesn’t use the word neurotypical, preferring normal/not normal! Referring to a “genetic mess”.

Linda was offended by this language and spoke to redress the balance. She received a huge applause after speaking and also a standing ovation.

She also spoke about how her and Dr Luke Beardon are talking about how to take this forward in a positive light.


Hannah Williamson, Psychology trainee conducted a presentation on Autism and Ageing. She issued a disclaimer, first that she is not on the Spectrum and second that she is not aged!!

This was a very interesting and indeed a very interactive presentation which the whole group seemed to enjoy. It can be found on the website with an audio recording here.


We broke for drinks and cakes, which again Calvin excelled himself at. There was a Ricotta Tart and a Green Tea Matcha cake in honour of the first anniversary of the Anime Amigos. One member of our group also kindly brought along a cake that he had made.

When we resumed after the break Linda spoke about how we could start to think about extending our connections. It had been expressed previously how people could meet up after the group and perhaps extend their time together by going for a drink and further chat. Also, about how we can help each other out. One lady had asked if anyone was going to the station who could offer her a lift.

It was then suggested that perhaps we could arrange a Christmas Dinner, which seemed to be quite a popular suggestion.

Agony Autie spoke about her Vlog and how people are welcome to connect with her and how she wants to have meet-ups.

We still conduct the Open Room at Red Hill House most Wednesdays. The dates of this are on our website.

Conference September 2018

Linda gave out the flyers for our Conference and informed the group that the main people who she wants to attend are members of this group.

It was asked if people can pay in instalments for the Conference and we agreed that this was acceptable. The fee for members of our group is £50.00.

The stands who have confirmed so far are:

  • Agony Autie
  • Reaseheath College
  • Autism Inclusive
  • Angie Atherton
  • Alex Lowery

Unfortunately the time went too quick, we had been unable to have the room for the usual two hours and it seems like we crammed a lot into the small time we had.

Linda thanked everyone for attending and announced that the next group will be held on Wednesday 25 April 2018 at 12.00-2.00pm.

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10 comments on “Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – March 2018
  1. Ronnie says:

    I’m glad I suggested the Christmas Dinner and hopefully it could become an annual event if it works out.
    A reminder that the Installment Payment I suggested is £10 per month. And People interested will need to start paying the £10 per month from April at the Latest to finish paying before September.
    I really found the Darkness unpleasant with the Blinds shut when the lights were off. The lighting needs to be resolved, so it not to Dark as well to Light.
    Please could information be published about People from Red Hill House with maybe a Photograph instead of the introductions, to be honest even though I’m not New I don’t know everyone from Red Hill House and it would be better as I have said if information preferably with a Photograph was published instead.

    • Dream says:

      Hi Ronnie,

      I like your idea of a Christmas Dinner too, not that I’m very social or “Celebrate Christmas” or anything, but there is a “spirit in the air” at that time of year, and it may be good for me to embrace it instead of fight it! {chuckle}

      I also know what you mean about the darkness during the meeting, although I understand it’s necessary for the slide show, I can’t remember if the curtains were opened immediately following the presentation. I can understand those who dislike the artificial lights, however I think “natural light” is both good and healthy… I think I said to you “I like light” Ronnie, and I’m reminded of that old song “That’s why you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties”!!!

      I think Linda already responded to you about the descriptions and photographs of the Axia Team on the “Meet the Team” page (LINK HERE). I think the introductions are to let the group know which of them are present at the meeting.

      Anywayz, nice catching up with you as always Ronnie, I hadn’t realised we’d had a “ding-dong”, but when you explained it I knew exactly what you meant, I just thought of it as a “misunderstanding”, but the “bell analogy” makes sense to me, like “ping-pong”, a sort of “back and forth” of what we were trying to express 🙂

      All the best,

      • Ronnie says:

        Hi Dream,

        I didn’t mean anything bad by the ding ding and your right to describe it as a misunderstanding, I also have thought of it as a misunderstanding, rightly or wrongly I came out with the word ding-dong meaning the same as misunderstanding, sorry no offence was intended.

        I’m glad you like my idea of the Christmas Dinner. Thank you much appreciated. Don’t worry about the Social thing, I’m not very good at it either and so I’m sure are many of the People who attend the Group, it doesn’t matter and if there is a good turn out from the Axia team, than that adds to the enjoyment with us people able to relax knowing we are with the Axia team who understand our not being very good at socialising,please don’t be offended at what I’ve just said it applys as much to me the Social situation as anyone else and I promise I mean no offence and nice catching up with you Dream as always

        Best wishes

        • Dream says:

          Hi again Ronnie,

          Don’t worry, I didn’t “take offence” when you used the phrase “ding dong”, it’s just that in my head I think of that phrase and associate it with arguments and hostility, and we never had that in my head man, so I was confused!!! BUT I DID GET that idea of a bell swinging and ringing, that idea of stuff bouncing “back & forth”, like we agree now, a “misunderstanding”, and we know there was nothing malicious in our intent, so in my book it’s a “no harm no foul”… nope, I don’t know what that means Ronnie, but my dad used to say it, and it seemed honourable!?!

          And yes, I do like the idea of an Xmas Dinner, it’s “not my thing”, but it is sort of good to “stretch one’s boundaries” I think at times, even if it is “uncomfortable”. We have a “good spirit” at the PDSG’s, and I like the idea of some sort of occasional “social get-together”, and Christmas appears an appropriate time for that. Whether it will manifest and come to pass I know not, but I do like the idea!

          Again, I wouldn’t worry Ronnie, I can’t see anything you’ve said about the Christmas Dinner that anyone would take offence at. In fact I think I probably forget that I am not the only person feeling weird and awkward in those sort of situations!!!

          All the best man,

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    The blinds had to be pulled for people to see the presentation on the screen
    It’s difficult getting it right for everyone
    For photos of the team at Axia please go on our Meet the Team page

    • Ronnie says:

      Sorry about the Blinds thing I to be honest I had thought that was the reason to see the Presentation on the Screen,I should have made that clear sorry, but when the presention happened it seemed to not help with me which was why I had mentioned it.
      Thank you for providing the Link to meet the Team, much appreciated. But what I mean is could the Photos be available at the meeting for People to see rather than having everyone introducing themselves at every meeting please. That way everyone can see who they are without everyone of the team having to introduce themselves.

  3. Ronnie says:

    I mean the Photos been available in Good Old Fashioned print Photograph form and they could be of the team who are present at the meeting, so everyone knows who’s present.

    • Dream says:

      Sorry Ronnie, I know what you mean now, and in honesty, I don’t like the idea of my phizog being “available” anywhere more than it already is! {chuckle}

      I suppose we could have name badges or lanyards perhaps, that’s something which may work, but you may have guessed I’m not into the whole “labelling” concept Ronnie, hence my “going by the name Dream”!!!

  4. Ronnie says:

    Hi Dream,
    I’m with you, I’m not into name badges either.
    By having the Photos available I mean only at the Axia meetings and not for People to take home. But to remain with Axia and to go back to Chester until the next Crewe Meeting.
    This way we could have longer quality breaks instead of introductions from everyone on the Axia team taking up valuable time and as I said taking up valuable quality break time.
    Best wishes

  5. Linda Buchan says:

    I think it is very important for everyone to know who is there from Axia
    Particularly where they have already established a contact with that team member
    It only takes a few minutes and gives everyone a chance to adjust to the room, the people in it and so on
    At the last meeting we lost valuable time waiting for drinks .I hope we have now rectified that
    We also had less time than usual due to venue constraints which I am assured won’t happen again

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