Wednesday 27th May – Update

Another productive day here today with two diagnosticians carrying out excellent work.
Sadly, the next Post Diagnostic Support Group, which was due to take place on Wednesday 3rd June, cannot go ahead at the Lifestyle Centre in Crewe as planned due to current restrictions and advice. This is disappointing but also expected. However, Calvin, Ren and myself have been recording my advertised presentation on ‘Catatonia’ this afternoon and if successful, it will be uploaded to the website, along with the slides.
Calvin and Ren have also prepared a list of ‘Games to Get you Through Lockdown’.
If the recording of the presentation is perceived as successful we will be happy to do this every six weeks and if you have any ideas about what topics you would like covered, please let us know.
Calvin and Ren will be live streaming ‘Jackbox’ at 7:30pm and you can also see Calvin’s review of ‘Final Fantasy Remake’ which was posted earlier today.
Dr. Linda Buchan
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
& Director of Axia ASD Ltd.

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2 comments on “Wednesday 27th May – Update
  1. Snr says:

    As there seems to be some sort of convergence of thinking on ADD/ADHD and the AS going on right now, it strikes me that might be an appropriate topic; which should be of much wider interest than just myself, as it is likely to have quite an impact on young people.

    Thanks again to you all at AXIA for your very proactive response to this pandemic.

    I have to admit that my interest in gaming is almost zero, but there can’t be too many other people left in the World who haven’t taken an interest in it. I even have two young rellies myself who do coding for a living, and gaming in their free time. The crazy thing is that I spent yesterday assembling a joystick. (I’ve never actually used one before, in all my decades of IT experience.) So I’m interested to know if there is anyone on AXIA who writes code or does projects with Arduino boards, Raspberry PI or others. I just find such projects to be as good a form of meditation as any other. And the same goes really for almost any form of DIY. I’m into the idea of self-therapy really, which befits my remoteness. But I’m also constantly interested in communicating with other people who enjoy such activities.

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    No one here with that expertise sorry
    Thank you for your comments

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