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Axia to increase its streaming output on YouTube

Hi all, Given the uncertain circumstances that we currently are facing, Axia would like to increase its streaming output with the intention of providing some outreach and entertainment for anybody who would like to join in. In addition to our

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Open Room Temporarily Suspended

We are suspending our Axia Open Room for a while, but hope to announce today an alternative way/ways of connecting with us. Thanks everyone Dr. Linda Buchan Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Director of Axia ASD Ltd. Share This Post:

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Neurodiversity: the new normal – BBC Bitesize

Siena Castellon: Neurodiversity – the new normal Siena is 17 and from London. She classes herself as a ‘maths and physics nerd’ and claims her dog is the cutest dog in the world. Siena is also neurodiverse: She is autistic,

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Scheduled appointments as usual

Looking forward to everyone attending their appointments on Monday unless you have been advised not to travel Dr. Linda Buchan Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Director of Axia ASD Ltd. Share This Post:

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Notice – April PDSG Cancelled

Given that only 5 people are being allowed at many weddings, and that includes the person marrying the couple and two witnesses, we thought Axia should offer an alternative to 50 of us gathering at The Lifestyle centre in Crewe,

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Appointments with Axia

Just to reassure people who have appointments booked with us: We are an essential service providing services to the NHS We look forward to meeting you at your allotted appointment time unless you have been told not to travel.  

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Message About Appointments Today

Good morning to everyone who will be attending Axia for their appointment today. Many people describe their visit to Axia as life changing, and as such we view attendance as essential, unless of course you have been told not to

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Join the National Autistic Society Today

Would you like to receive three months of membership for free? The new edition of Your Autism magazine is out now. It’s packed full of the latest news, guidance and advice about autism, and amazing true life stories from autistic

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COVID-19 and our PDSG – Notice

We would like to reassure people who are concerned about the novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19), that as of today, 13th March 2020, and in line with current guidelines, our April Post-Diagnostic Support Group will still be taking place on 8th

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NAS – My experience at Parliament

I’m Phillip and I’m one of the autistic campaigners who went to Parliament on Wednesday to talk about the Autism Act. I have worked with MPs in their recent inquiry to improve support for autistic people, so I joined them

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What People Think They Know About Autism Bears Little Relation To Their Actual Knowledge

by Dan Carney for The British Psychological Society’s Research Digest One of the most well-known psychological biases is the Dunning-Kruger effect: the tendency for individuals less skilled or knowledgeable in a particular area to overestimate their own performance. Now, a

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NAS Autism Professionals Conference 2020 – presentations

Autism Professionals Conference 2020 – presentations The National Autistic Society’s Autism Professionals Conference took place in February 2020. The link below will take you to a list of presentations featured in the programme, for delegates who attended and anyone else

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This Is What It’s Like For Me Using London Transport – Londonist

“I’m Autistic. This Is What It’s Like For Me Using London Transport” By Lauren Malina-Goldsmith When you look at me, you would not have a clue that I am autistic. I am 21 and a university student. For the most

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“Autism and Alcohol” – PDSG Presentation by Matt Tinsley & Sarah Hendrickx

“Autism and Alcohol” Wednedays talk was given by Matt Tinsley, Autistic Adult and Co-author of Asperger Syndrome: Drinking To Cope. Matt shared his very interesting story of late diagnosed Autism and how this realisation led to his recovery from severe

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Calvin at NAS giving his presentation

Here are some photos taken today of Calvin as he gave his presentation. Please click on an image below to enlarge it. Share This Post:

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Portrayals of autism in the media

Cal’s presentation at the NAS Professionals Conference is tomorrow, so we’re sharing a couple of pictures from today along with the details from their brochure. Click on the images to enlarge. Portrayals of autism in the media Summary Calvin view’s

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Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – February 2020

Minutes of the Forty Second Post-Diagnostic Support Group 26th February 2020 Today’s group was attended by 42 people and one assistance dog. Sarah Hendrickx opened the group and explained that Linda was not there as she was attending the NAS

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Anti Vaxers on Social Media – Warning

Calvin has alerted us to the fact that there are still some extremely prominent groups of Anti Vaxers on social media whom we need to be aware of. As facebook blocks groups who use ‘Anti Vaxers’ in their name or

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