Axia Weekly Bulletin – 30th October

Another busy week here at Axia with our clinicians carrying out excellent work.

Two happy individuals went away with signed copies of Calvin’s book: ‘The Nerd Consultant’s Guide to Anime’. If you would like to purchase your own copy, please use this link.

We would like to remind everyone who has upcoming appointments with us that we are still able to conduct face to face assessments. Red Hill House have confirmed that the building will remain open.

All staff and visitors are required to wear masks in the communal areas of the building, unless exempt. We are still observing the Social Distancing rule of 2 metres and have hand sanitiser available in all of our clinic rooms and offices, in addition to those positioned around the building. Visitors are reminded to keep themselves and others safe by using the hand sanitiser provided before entering and leaving the building. Our clinic rooms allow the space for Social Distancing of 2 metres so families and individuals can remove their masks, if wearing, once inside the room should they feel more comfortable in doing so.

Please remember, if you would like to help Amy-Louise with her essay by sharing your experiences of being stereotyped, particularly by healthcare workers, you can contact her by email:

Your name and personal details will not be included in the essay.

This week we posted articles from BBC News ‘Textbook makes autistic people ‘sound like toddlers.’ And also, the ‘National Autistic Society: Autism in BAME communities – where are we now?’

Many thanks to Elliot, one quarter of the Anime Amigos, for his excellent review of the game, ‘Mortal Shell’. This is his second game review and we look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

The Film Society is back this week with a review of ‘Pixie’ but unfortunately, Calvin did not attend the cinema this week so there will be no review film next week.

Calvin and Ren streamed, as usual, this week, continuing with ‘The Last of Us: Part II’ on Tuesday. They will be streaming again later at 7:30pm and the game will be ‘Crash Bandicoot 4’.

There will also be an additional Halloween stream tomorrow at 12pm tomorrow and the game ‘Little Hope – The Dark Pictures Anthology’. Please be aware that there may be issue with the stream as reviewers have said that there are some bugs in the game which may or may not be gone with the day one patch.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.
Sue Power
Company Secretary and Educational Lead

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