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Advantages Taken due to ASD Tendencies?

If You Don’t Like Change, “They” May “Charge” You!   Forgive me if this is not “News” to anyone, however it became apparent to me that due to my “Condition” or “Disability”, I have further potential “vulnerabilities” I was not

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Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 – Guest Review

Book Review of   “Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8” By Naoki Higashida, Introduced by David Mitchell Translated by David Mitchel and K A Yoshida Publisher: Sceptre; Unabridged edition edition (11 July 2017) First of all I have to

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Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults – Dream’s Perspective

Dream’s Thoughts on   “Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults” by Dr. Luke Beardon Published by Sheldon Press When Linda asked me if I could share my perspective, I happily agreed to review Luke’s latest book. Full disclosure: When I

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LA Cabina – Review

“La cabina” The Telephone Box (1972) La cabina (original title) 35min | Short Comedy, Horror | TV Short 13 December 1972 ‘LA Cabina’ is a 1972 Spanish Dark Comedy and Horror film about a man who gets stuck in a

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Horizon – 2017: ADHD and Me with Rory Bremner

Last night I watched BBC’s Horizon, which this week was a documentary about Rory Bremner and ADHD. I was particularly interested as it was a Radio 4 documentary I heard him do that  had roughly the same title which led

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An Adult with an Autism Diagnosis – Review

Book Review of   “An Adult with an Autism Diagnosis” A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Gillan Drew Jessica Kingsley Publishers This book is interesting from the very beginning as Gillan gives a brief and honest summary of what

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DSA – Chapter 1 by Elliot Chapman

I’m Elliot Chapman, a 19 year old who’s on the autistic spectrum. I’ve been working on a book called DSA Demon Slaying Alliance for about 2 years now, which I’m still nowhere near completing. To try to get recognition and

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The Emotionality and Energy of Autism

The Emotionality and Energy of Autism The Whole World Needs Whole Brains My Hearts Prayer   How can we measure the cost of the emotional and energetic compromises that society expects autistic people to make to fit in to the

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A whimsical version of ‘Stay Free’

This is a unique ‘unplugged’ version of ‘Stay Free’ by The Clash with my good friend Revd Dr Tim Robinson on tenor trombone. As long as we can get the legal stuff right it should be available on iTunes and

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N.A.S. National Forum Elections – A 2nd Required

Martin has given his permission for us to share this on our website to see if anyone would be willing to second him. Subject: National Forum Elections Dear Linda,   Dave Reiser has just been round to help me with

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The Autistic Brain – Review

Book Review of   “The Autistic Brain” – (Helping Different Kinds of Minds Succeed) By Dr. Temple Grandin & Richard Panek This book is a good combination of science and wisdom about living a good and productive life ‘on the

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What Actually Helps Me When I ‘Shut Down’

We received an email which they wished to share as it may be helpful… Dear Carly,   I hope that all are well at Team Axia.   I found this article helpful, in that it clearly describes ( to a

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In a Different Key – Review

Book Review of   “In a Different Key” by John Donvan and Caren Zucker   I really enjoyed this lengthy book which I would describe as complementary to ‘Neurotribes’ by Steve Silberman. It is very much a USA centred perspective

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Computers can aid autism diagnosis

Shared with us through our “Guest Contribution Form” Here’s something I spotted as a news item in this week’s New Scientist magazine. Computers aren’t about to replace doctors any time soon but may be useful for confirmation of a diagnosis.

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Say ‘No’ to Hate Crime

I’ve been concerned at reports of hate mail and other forms of hate crime in the UK following the EU referendum. However this is not confined to our country. I felt compelled to write a new song ‘Don’t be Hateful’.

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Conference 2018

Ronnie wrote to us through our Guest Submission Form requesting others opinions on a potential Axia Conference in 2018. Thoughts and Suggestions for An Axia-ASD 2018 Conference Forgot to mention at last weeks meeting, but if the group is interested

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How to reduce your child’s anxieties and meltdowns over Christmas

We recently received this email which we would like to share. How to have a Happy Autism Christmas Hi Carly,   This short course below might be of interest to others. I signed up yesterday and it’s great, can apply

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50 Positive Characteristics of Aspergers

We were recently contacted by Andrew Clarke as he’d found an article which he thought could perhaps be useful to some people who, post-diagnosis, may be “feeling a bit down”. Titled “50 Positive Characteristics of Aspergers”, it is an interesting

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